Unlike many other website design companies, the Village of Darkness manages, hosts & controls our own servers.

The advantage of our servers is that we have complete control over them. Thus, we can install and create custom software for the server and allow for more customizations. This also means that you will not be hosting your website with hundreds of other hosting companies. This makes your website more secure and doesn't leave you wondering what other questionable companies or illegal websites are located right next to yours.

Hosting Fees:
Our Hosting fees are one of the most competitive in the industry because we do not pass along any 3rd party costs to you.

Monthly Hosting: Starting at only $5.00 per month!

Hosting features include!
- 2 Gig of Storage
- Unlimited Email Accounts
- 50 GB Monthly Transfer
- Cgi-Bin, mSQL, Crystal Reports
- Full SQL, IIS Services, php and More!
- Free PHP Messageboards
- Free Detailed Statistics

We do not limit your hosting or program options. We host both UNIX (Red Hat) servers as well as Microsoft IIS Servers.

Email Services
- The Village of Darkness offers FREE email forwarding (website emails to your current emails).
- We also offer POP3 Email Services for only $1 per month.
- We are also a licensed Spam Protection company partner with MX Logic and offer the highest quality spam protection possible. You will receive daily spam reports and quarantines with 99.9% accuracy. We have completed trainings and certifications on spam reduction and can offer solutions to your spam issues. The cost of the MX Logic triple protection spam system is only $2 per email per month and you will save yourself countless hours of wasted time deleting or reading spam email.

Multiple Language Options

- Our primary websites are designed in English, however, we can create duplicate websites in another language (for your spanish speaking customers for example). Our language options for updates and creation include Spanish, French, Hindi, and Bengali.

Google Analytics Installed
The Village of Darkness can setup and install Google Analytics on your website so that you have the direct access to all the google information and statistics yourself with your online dashboard! This would be an additional option for you to help understand your stats along with our FREE inhouse stats package below that you will also receive.

Tracking Statistics
For all Village of Darkness hosted websites, we offer free tracking services. You will be able to see everything from the number of hits, unique visits and details about daily traffic down to the hour!


The Village of Darkness uses cutting edge Microsoft solutions for their Database platforms. The Front end of our Database systems are Microsoft ASP.NET models with AJAX for expanded pull down menu selections. In addition, the Back end of our databases are designed in Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, which can handle hundreds of users. This platform also allows for remote users, and access to the database from any company office, satellite or even home location depending on your security preferences of your company.

- Online report exporting will allow the user to export into things such as Excel, PDF and CSV, which are all supported by SQL Reporting. The user of each report will have the options to print locally or export into any of these formats.

- All of our databases that we design will have a powerful importing and exporting capabilities since the backend will be Microsoft SQL. SQL allows for importing functionality from everything ranging from other SQL databases, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Excel, Comma Delimited Format, Tab Delimited Format, and ODBC Databases. In addition, SQL tables allow for all the exporting of those formats as well.

- The databases we design also do internal data exports. In case of database failure, the transaction log will be first backed up and for recovery the most recent database will be restored followed by all transaction logs since then and finally the last log with recovery option. WAL protocol (Write Ahead Logging) ensures that changes are written to a stable medium before changes are made to the database, so that in case of even abrupt system failure the database can be rolled forward to a stable state

Is your website getting more hits at night or during the day? What is the most viewed pages? What is the least viewed page?

Do you know what Search terms people are putting in the Search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find your site? All of that is listed in a great tracking system that is easy to use. All included for free as part of your low monthly hosting fee.