Question: When do you stop taking orders for the Halloween Season?
Answer: Unlike other website companies, The Village of Darkness does not stop taking orders. You are free to call us 856-981-6239 or email us at at any time. We are able to do this because we are not a "One man operation", we have 3 graphics designers, 2 custom programmers, 1 Lead Hardware and Network Technician, 1 Support Hardware and Softare Technician, and 1 Bookkeeper. We also host and maintain our own T1 lines and Servers, and thus we are oncall 24/7. Our goal is to offer you a very professional corporate style company and high quality service for the Halloween Industry at a fraction of the normal cost.

Question: I have a non-Halloween, non-Horror business that I work for or that I own. Are you able to do a website for that as well?
Answer: Yes, The Village of Darkness has over 10+ years experience in designing and creating corporate websites. Our advanced team of computer specialists is available to quote on any project. We also have many years experience with SQL Databases, ASP.NET, Cisco Router Management and Blade Servers. Our Corporate Company division is called Camelot Computers, Inc and we will gladly give you a free quote on any personal or corporate website as well as any database projects desired. You can view our website at or email us at

Question: What should I have ready to get started?
Answer: Each website is completely unique, and we strive on giving our customers individual attention. If you are looking for a quote or looking to get started, here is the information you should try to send to us.

- Name of the Website/Company
- Logo of your company (Adobe Photoshop .PSD or Adobe Illustrator .AI perfered...otherwise, high res .jpg)
- Logo of your character (if applicable)
- List the Sections/Links you desire for your website
- A General idea of the theme (Haunted Mansion, Old Hayride, Clowns, Vampires, etc)

Please send your quote request to: