Escape the Asylum is a themed escape room adventure where you will be challenged to escape from a series of rooms. Do you dare escaping the Asylum?

You and your ghost hunting team are off on another adventure, this time to the infamous All Saints Lunatic Asylum in Apple Valley, CA. Rumors of ghost figures, children's haunting laughter, and moving objects abound for this location, so you are all eager to get started and debunk the rumors. Armed with your ghost hunting equipment you are ready! However, once inside, you realize things aren't going as planned, something not only knows you are there, but seems to want you to stay forever!  As the spirits get closer and closer, you are in a race to escape, will time run out and make you a part of the Asylum..... ??

All Saints Lunatic Asylum is proud to announce their first Escape Room Adventure, open 7 days a week bookings available 10am to 10pm. What a great idea for all sorts of adventurous fun, excellent resource for Team Building, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal and bachelor parties, family night, date night, anything you can think of, nothing brings people together like a race for your supernatural life!!! So click here and book now!!